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This March, LibertyTown Arts Workshop presents “MERGE”, a coming together of ceramic and non-ceramic artists to create collaborative works that are greater than the sum of their parts.  This unique show is in conjunction with the 58th annual NCECA (National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts) ceramic conference “Coalescence” coming to Richmond VA later this month.  

Featuring twelve artist pairings, this show features a work from each individual artist, expressing their distinct style and techniques and then a work from each pairing, where they combine their skills to create one collaborative piece that joins both artists’ mediums and perspectives.  The result is an incredible show featuring unique works. 

Our twelve collaborative pairings are:  Amy Kovats (Ceramics) and Rachel Hodge (Painter); Beth Sperlazza (Ceramics) and Kenneth Lecky (Photographer); Neal Reed (Ceramics) and Elizabeth Seaver (Mixed Medium); Joan Limbrick (Ceramics) and Tarver Harris (Painter); Kevin Rodrigue (Ceramics) and Lynette Reed (Mixed Medium); Anna Simoes (Ceramics) and Mary Hardy (Fiber Arts); Elizabeth Freeman (Ceramics) and Linda George (Fiber Arts); Tiffany Yates (Ceramics) and Tanya Green(Painter); Kevin Rodrigue (Ceramics) and Caroline Murphy (Painter); Ana Brugos (Ceramics) and Paula Raudenbush (Painter); Pam McLeod (Ceramics) and Hsi Mei Yates (Painter);  D.D. Lecky (Ceramics) and Kerry McAleer-Keeler (Printmaker). 

Please join us on Friday, March 1 from 5-9pm for the opening reception of the show.  “Merge” will be on display from March 1st through March 31st