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Candy Coated Dreams, New works by Pete Morelewicz and Caroline Q. Murphy

This months show features works by two of LibertyTowns’ resident artists, Pete Morelewicz and Caroline Q. Murphy! This show exhibits large colorful pieces from both artist that contrast graphic linear qualities with softer, expressive qualities. The except below from the artists expresses it well..

“….An unlikely pairing of artists collaborate in “Candy Coated Dreams”, opening First Friday, August 5, at LibertyTown Arts Workshop. With her lyrically expressive style, Caroline Q. Murphy introduces us to a world of impressionistic painterly views of Fredericksburg. In contrast, Pete Morelewicz offers a crisp polish to scenes brimming with recursive geometries. What unites their work is a promiscuous use of lavish color. This show spans the entire color palette, with a chromatic throughline and contrasting styles that communicate in surprising and serendipitous ways.About the artists:
Pete Morelewicz is a Fredericksburg-based artist and graphic designer. His art is marked by strong structural geometries, crisp lighting, and evocative scenes. With a degree in architecture, he uses light and shadow to add alluring dimensionality to flat-viewed compositions.
Caroline Q. Murphy is an award-winning painter of cityscapes, still lifes and landscapes dripping with opulent colors. Capturing introspective and fleeting moments, she primarily works in acrylics, experimenting with light, saturation, and unique hues.”

We look forward to seeing everyone! The show will on display until August 28th!!