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Mugs-A National Juried Exhibit

Mugs are a staple of any potter’s arsenal, and every body has mugs in there homes. Mugs tend to be the workhorses of the kitchen, from having coffee, to beer to whatever, they are objects to be celebrated.  Some mugs are made simply in form and decoration and some are complex and ornate, making each unique to their users preferences.    It’s these extraordinary  workhorse vessels that we want to celebrate with this show.

This show is juried by Dan Finnegan. Dan, has been a potter for over 40 years, Dan was trained at Winchcomb Pottery, under Ray Finch in England, and moved to the Fredericksburg region in 1980 to make pots. He has taught workshops and classes all over the country and in Europe and is a mug handle connoisseur. Dan has been shown in galleries all over the United States and Europe and is included in many private collections all over the world.