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Pete Morelewicz, AKA Print Jazz

Print jazz is a quartet of talents (see below) based in Fredericksburg, Va. We practice improvisational design where the final product isn’t planned. Rather, it’s a result of layering multiple digital and printing techniques including antique wood type, lino cuts, freeform inking, and whatever else is at hand. We’re inspired by the unexpected symphony of shape, color, and texture.

Introducing the Print Jazz Quartet:

  • Emmy: Chief feline and general agitator. Likes to walk across posters while they’re still drying to contribute her paw prints. Has accidentally(?) wrecked more posters than you can shake a brayer at.
  • Christine: Print devil and everyday inspiration. Keeps the lights burning while we’re busy creating.
  • Pete: Designer, printer, and the social media guy. Lover of bad puns and esoteric curling references.
  • Graham: Feline understudy. He walks by the studio on his way to use the litter box, but will sometimes linger afterwards to admire the work.
You can find Pete at LibertyTown in Studio 5