Elizabeth Seaver

I paint whimsical animals on canvas, linen, and wood with bold acrylic paint, adding papers and printed designs to add texture, which I very much like. In my two-dimensional world, all the creatures happily coexist, but otherwise can exhibit very human sour moods, vanity, recklessness and sloth, and any number of other habits. My subjects are braver than I am. They dare to do what I only wish I could, if I cared a little less for what people might think. One day, I hope to grow up enough to become one of my paintings. Meantime, when I am not teaching, making books/journals, printmaking or fashioning jewelry, I keep my brush wet and my apron messy.

Classes (register by phone or email)

  • Recycled Sketch Journal |Sat 9/30, 1-4pm, $60 + $8 materials Ages 16+ 
  • Mini Journal, Ribbon Bind| Sat 10/14, 10-1pm, $60 + $8 materials Ages 16+
  • Tiny Book Tree Ornament Workshop | Sat 11/11, 10-12pm, $45 + $5 materials Ages 16+


You can find Elizabeth at LibertyTown in Studio 19