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D.D. Lecky Pottery

D.D. Lecky is more than just one of the owners of LibertyTown. She is also a potter, or in her own words “ I am a baby potter, maybe a juvenile potter. I have years and years of work ahead of me to become a master, but I love the journey and I am excited to have people come along with me. I started throwing when I was just 17, and was terrible at it, as terrible as any teenager who has lots of social obligations and an addiction to Law and Order reruns would be. I returned to it in 2011 at the rip old age of 31 and found my peace. When I am at the wheel the world melts away and I am truly in the moment. In 2012 Hannah McAndrew and Doug Fitch came to Virginia to demonstrate the British technic of Slip Trailing. I was again, smitten. I had been decorating cookies using some of these technics for years, and it felt like the melding of two things I loved the most. I haven’t looked back sense.

My work is inspired by patterns, both in nature and man made. I have both medieval armor patterns and plant cellular structures on my inspiration board. I break these patterns down, and combine them with traditional British styles of slip trailing to make what I think is a uniquely American style of ‘trailing. I also use a leaf press technique that Doug taught me that allows me to show off the flora of Virginia in all its glory.”

You can find D.D. at LibertyTown in Studio 27