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Bob Worthy

Making art is a spiritual and intuitive experience for me. It is an experience involving both acceptance and acquiescence. It becomes a matter of trusting and letting go. Trusting myself to be the best artist I can be and then allowing myself to be that artist. The act of creation, while problem solving by nature, is also an act of faith and intuition. My best art happens when I surrender myself to the creative process and let the art make itself. Inspired by the early Abstract Expressionists I seek the emotion of painting by way of the subconscious.

Working intuitively, my paintings evolve on their own. I do not start with preconceived ideas. Using found papers as the base element of my artwork, transfers are often incorporated and then I use gesso or paint to mask and define images. Recently a layer of elastomeric compound has been included for added texture. Currently I am completing my pieces with layers of cold wax and oil paint. My newest works are inspired by trips to Atlantic Beach, NC and Virginia Beach, VA. By observing the effects of early morning light on sand, water and sky I reduce the basic elements of landscape to their simplest forms evoking feelings and emotions transcending those of traditional landscapes

You can find Bob at LibertyTown in Studio 13