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Focused Drawing Workshops With Tiffany Yates



Ages 10-15 and 16+

Supply List:

Materials not provided. Supplies suggested: Two # 2 or HB pencils, any bound sketchbook equal or greater than 8”x10”, and a white eraser.

Course Description:

Drawing workshops that are held for three sessions each month, once a week on Tuesdays,  and each workshop devoted to theme.

The first class will go over the basics of the subject. A demonstration will be provided where a subject is broken down into its basic essentials shapes and what kind of technique can be used. Students will be shown step by step how to begin several specific examples.

Second class will be more in depth demo of a single example. There will be time for students in this second class for students to focus on their own subjects that fit into the theme and be given guided one on one instruction and advice.

The third class will be entirely free time where students focus on their own work and given personalized advice and instruction.

List of the themes:

January: Animals

February: Human Figure

March: Portrait

April: Buildings and Perspective

May: Flora

August: Landscapes

September: Shading and Shine

October: Making unique Cartoons and Comic Strips



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