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All Day Summer Camp Ages 6-9, Week 1: June 8-12, 2020

$460.00 $400.00

Welcome to LibertyTown Summer Camps!

Our all-day camps run from 9am to 5 pm and include a 1 hr. break from 12:30-1:30 for lunch and two 30-minute breaks at 10:30 am and 3:00 pm. Each hour and a half class will explore another facet and medium of art, including painting, drawing, clay, fiber and art history.

Parents are asked to pack a lunch and snacks (we have a refrigerator on site) for their kids. No peanuts please. Some parents have requested to bring snacks for the whole class. Please let us know if you would like to do this and we will make sure to let everyone know they have a “snack break” on that day.

On Friday of each week we will have a CAMP PARTY from 5:00-6:00pm. Refreshments will be served, and parents and siblings are welcome too!!

Full descriptions of the Class Periods are below!

This year we’re offering a themed program for each week for you to choose from!! This will allow kids to take multiple weeks and get a fresh perspective, even if they take the same courses!


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Week 1, June 8-12th

Theme: Mindfulness


In this week, all classes will focus on being present and truly experiencing life. No cellphones will be allowed in class during this week, and we will try our hands at meditation during some of the breaks

Period 1:  Art History & Crafts w/ Crystal Rodrigue!                                 9-10:30am M-F

Local artist of MANY mediums (clay, metal, photography…) will guide kids through multiple fabulous art and craft projects that will showcase famous past and present artists that changed art world. In this week of camps, they will concentrate on artists that either used, experienced, or inspire mindfulness with their work. Kids will walk away with a greater knowledge of current artists and the direction artists are taking us, as well as gorgeous objects that will help synthesize their new knowledge. All supplies for the class are included.


Period 2: Clay w/ Kari Phillips!                                                                        11-12:30pm M-F

This first week is all about making mindfully. Children will be asked to make objects that require planning and concentration to complete. They will make objects that can be used in a mindful manner as well, like tea mugs, keepsake boxes, or planters. All supplies for the class are included.


Period 3: Sand Art & Mandalas w/ D.D. Lecky!!                                          1:30-3pm M-F

Join D.D. Lecky as she teaches the how and why of sand mandalas and sand art! Sand mandalas aren’t hard to make, but they teach important lessons about planning, careful mindful placement of the sand, and then the impermanence of all art. Kids will work on designs together and separately, and will have a sand project to take home at the end of the week. All supplies for the class are included.


Period 4: Chinese Watercolor w/ His-Mei Yates                                          3:30-5pm M-F

Join award-winning instructor Hsi-Mei Yates in exploring the beautiful and unique world of Chinese Watercolor! Hsi-Mei will help your budding artist develop skills that they can use across multiple mediums and they will create works of art that you will cherish for a lifetime. All supplies for the class are included.