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A Creative Approach to Painting Workshop with Robyn Ryan!!


Saturday, April 29, 2023, 10am-4pm 

Saturday, June 3, 2023, 10am-4pm

16+  All skill levels welcome!!

10am – 4pm (1 hour lunch break)

Have you ever… Become BORED by your painting?  Been DISAPPOINTED in how a piece is developing or has turned out? Found yourself STUCK with no fresh ideas for where to go next? Had all the tools and skills but have LOST THE JOY in the process?

This workshop will rekindle your creative juices with a FRESH way to think about your art making and making decisions as you paint.  The objective is intentionality in our “inner narrative” to move from self-imposed limits and self-sabotage to freer and more joyful expression.

Please join Robyn Ryan in this creativity expanding mixed media workshop as she guides you through key concepts in adjusting your inner narrative and creative decision making in such a way to infuse the joy of discovery back into how you create.  Focus areas will include:

  • Declaring an intention and using it to guide your decision making process
  • Using a straight forward artwork assessment process to simplify course corrections along the way
  • Fun approaches for creativity boosting underpaintings and layering techniques
  • Simple ideas for making your own stamps and collage papers to incorporate in your artwork

You will play with these concepts and approaches with your own piece, making something from nothing!  Whether you normally work in mixed media or not, the concepts and approaches can be applied to any medium when you return home.

All supplies for this workshop are included so come join the adventure and get creative!

As a bonus, access to downloadable student resources related to the workshop will be provided following registration.