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Gina Cochran

I have always created, but it wasn’t until I finished my graduate work in counseling and began working in the field that I realized how truly necessary daily art practice was for me.

Several years ago, with the support and encouragement of my husband, I decided to take a break from the mental health field. Since then I have been painting full time.

I am self-taught, garnering knowledge and advice where I can; time, experience, life, trial and error – all wonderful teachers. Currently I am working with mixed media painting as well as encaustic.

My mixed media work is a visual interpretation of my everyday life; the joy, the chaos, the quiet and precious space between big memorable moments. Whether I am attempting to tame the chaos or opening the door to it, it’s all there, real and uncensored.

I often begin a piece with text written in charcoal, depending on what is in my head I may cover the canvas repeatedly.  This is the first layer, sort of the seed from which the piece will grow.  Sometimes it is poetry or song lyrics, sometimes a running, stream of consciousness or a list of things for which I’m thankful, and other times, it may start from processing negative emotions.  But it just starts there, with that seed of thought and a few sticks of charcoal.  It’s quickly grows as that text is mostly covered with collaged shapes, weight, lightness, darkness and color.  It is then finally brought to a more expressive, gestural energy with paint and ink.  I work in many layers, as many as it takes, frequently tucking things in or masking something out, sometimes repeating the entire process.  It’s completely process driven, a back and forth, an energetic dialogue of responses and reactions.

You can find Gina at LibertyTown in Studio 14