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Betsy Curtiss

My background in visual arts began with painting.  I’ve been painting for over 35 years in various mediums.   In 2006, I discovered my love of working with clay with a focus on creating functional pottery.  I love the idea of creating something beautiful that someone could also use in daily life.  I was blessed to have the opportunity to have my first art studio at LibertyTown Arts in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to study and learn from many great potters which has assisted me in expanding my skills and given me the confidence and ability to grow in my field.   Most recently, I have found a new passion for sculpting with an emphasis on bringing my love of nature and animals to life.  I have held studios in Virginia, Montana and Bethany Beach, Delaware.  I returned to Libertytown where I offer private lessons for adults and children and a group children art classes.   I am always experiencing and trying new techniques in order to bring a variety of artwork that is both functional and fun to display.

You can find Betsy at LibertyTown in Studio 1